Let's find your dream home!

As a buyer, we will walk you through every step of this process. This page is meant to give you a picture of the upcoming roadmap. Much of what you see is specific to the DFW area to further educate you on this specific market.

Step 1

Start your Research. Determine how much home you can afford. Use the link below to estimate affordability in different areas of DFW. Establish your Price Range.

Step 2

Get a feel for the neighborhoods in the DFW area. Consider Work commute, Schools, Price, Age of Homes etc.

Step 3

Find a Great Realtor - An advisor whose sole focus is about you. Who is there to guide and navigate you through the process. Consider what our past clients say about us.

Step 4

Decide if you desire a single-family home, a townhome, or a condo. What's important to know about each?

Single-Family Home
The most popular home-buying choice. Here you won't have to worry about noisy neighbors since there will be no adjoining walls or floor. You'll need to make plans to maintain the lawn as that will be your responsibility. You may or may not have to pay HOA fees.

Generally more affordable than single-family homes, which means your money goes further for the space and finishes you can get. You also won't have to take care of the common area or front yard. These benefits will come with a HOA fee and it will mean sharing a wall (or two) with a neighbor.

If you're looking for easiest option to maintain, want a nice view, or desire to live in a happening location, you may consider a condo. A few inconveniences could be noise above you, a difficult parking situation, or high building fees.

If you want to learn even more and get a very detailed overview, we have compiled several great resources for you! They are all free.


Ready To Get Started?

Now that you've done all the pre-work, it's time to engage professional help. One of our team members can help you from here! We won't put pressure on you--everything will move at a pace you're comfortable with.

Rohit, is a fantastic realtor. He has great knowledge about DFW metroplex and always there to help. He guided us thru out the home buying process and in fact it has been few months since we closed but still call him with questions regarding the house and he has always been patient. We were first time home buyers and he explained to us in detail what are steps we need to take and what to expect.
I recommend him 100%
— ***** Rating - Coppell
Excellent customer service, delivery excellence, extremely patient and understanding are things that you always dream to have in your realtor for your home search while making one of the biggest decisions of your life. We can’t be happier to say that our dream realtor helped us find our dream home. Rohit is one of the most competent real estate professionals in the DFW area who not only has a grasp on the DFW market but is very knowledgeable on the entire home buying process. He’s very personable, understands your needs thoroughly, provides factual and honest feedback on a home and lets you take the time you need to make well informed decisions rather than rushing through it. I highly recommend Rohit as an extremely talented professional who will hold your hand at every step of the process and make sure you have the home that you will be happy with!
— ***** Rating - Frisco
As a first time homebuyer, I had ZERO knowledge of home buying process and everything seems to me mountainous effort right from selecting and working with a highly trusted Real Estate Professional (REP). I was looking for a sincere and correct guidance and a long term relation, starting with buying my own first home. After talking to many REP’s, I finally decided to work with Rohit Singh. What a decision, what a REP to work with, just fantastic. Every REP I met I knew all of them have the knowledge of market, have the capability to sell or buy home, gets all the updated listing and are very enthusiastic to work with you. But, I was looking for something different and something out of the common pool, since I have long term plans I needed a real REP guru, a real friend, a sincere guide, a REP who makes very correct decision on the spot in this volatile market of real estate as you really do not want to lose the most right home for you and your family. Rohit had the answers, solutions and patience to all my questions, which I bet must have been very frustrating for him and I am sure any other REP would have left me midway. Some of the most important characteristics of Rohit as a REP is he is very sincere to you, straightforward, significant patience (even I lost my patience many time), open discussions, professional attitude, courteous, respects your time, very flexible and extremely humble to work with. We started looking for homes in 1st week of May 2017 and I had keys to my lovely home by July ending. We may have looked 60-80 homes, obviously I lost patience couple of time but he never. He gave me full space and time to decide, never pushing and finally what a great deal and home he finalized for me and my family in Plano before the school year started. He guided and supported me right through screening homes, home inspection, lending agents, mortgage company, property evaluation, movers and packers, flooring guy, plumber, handyman and finally even a priest to bless our home, couldn’t have asked for more. He follows up regularly to check if everything is going fine. Meanwhile, we have become very good friends and I am looking for my next real estate adventure and working with Rohit. I am extremely happy to find Rohit not only as my family REP but also as my close friend and I without any hesitation recommend Rohit Singh for your any real estate needs. Cheers to this long lasting professional and friendly relation.
— ***** Rating - Plano