Leasing Guide

Are you a landlord or tenant in the DFW area? We can help!

Step 1

Decide which kind of property you are interested in leasing.

Single-Family Home
Here you won't have to worry about noisy neighbors since there will be no adjoining walls or floor. Although these can be a more expensive leasing option.

Generally more affordable than single-family homes, which means your money goes further for the space and finishes you can get. But you will be sharing one-or-two walls with neighbors.

Condo / Apartment
Want a nice view, or desire to live a happening location? You may consider a condo or apartment. A few inconveniences could be a noise above you, a difficult parking situation, or high building fees.

Step 2

Determine which amenities are important to you. Here are some questions to answer in advance:

  • Number of rooms
  • Pool / workout facility nearby
  • Location
  • Length of lease (typically 6 - 13 months)
  • Energy and cable / internet providers available
  • Pet policy needs
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Ready to begin your search?

Our team of professionals can help you find the right space for you within your budget. Give a few details and we will get started right away!